Accessories and Garages

updated 6/17/06
[NONE of these cars are for sale].

Garages & accessories are not my collecting focus, so I will not have complete images.

The accessory pack series was short lived after introduction in 1957. It consisted of one wheeled vehicle & the rest non-vehicles. Garages (& other play buildings) were introduced in 1959 & continued through 1981.

Matchbox MG1A1 Garage; A1A Esso Pumps & Sign

Matchbox MG1A1 Garage
1. 1 story garage, red building with yellow base and clock

Matchbox MG1B1 Garage; A1A Esso Pumps & Sign

mg1b1.jpg (36kb)

1. Yellow 2 story building, red base, "Esso" decals

Matchbox MG1B1 Garage

Matchbox MG1B1 Garage box

2. white building, green base, "BP" decals

A-1-A ESSO PETROL PUMPS & SIGN, issued 1957
A1A Esso Petrol sign
1. red metal pumps [see above] & sign with "Esso" decals

A-1-0 BP PETROL PUMPS & SIGN, issued 1963 [no image]
1. white metal pumps & sign with "BP" labels

A-1-C SERVICE RAMP, Issued 1970 [no image]
1. gold ramp with red handle, "Castrol" label

A2A1 Bedford Car Transporter
1. blue cab & trailer, black lettered decals, metal wheels

2. blue cab & trailer, orange lettered decals, gray plastic wheels

3. blue cab & trailer, orange lettered decals. black plastic wheels

A2A4 Bedford Car Transporter
4. red cab, gray trailer, orange lettered decals, black plastic wheels

A-3-A GARAGE, issued 1957
A3A1 Garage
1. yellow building, maroon roof, green doors, with unpainted connecting clip

A-3-B BROOMSTICK, issued 1971 [no image]
1. contains assorted Superfast vehicles with an orange handle with a label & elastic string. Most notable models used are MB20-A Lamborghini Marzal in yellow & MB68-A Porsche 910 in white. Also released under the name Zing-O-Matic in the USA.

A-4-A ROAD SIGNS, issued 1960
A4A1 Road Signs
(only 7 signs in the photo)
1. 8 metal road signs with different decals on each NOTE: Two sets of six plastic signs on a cardboard display were NOT issued by Lesney These are pirate issues (see fakes)

A-5-A HOME STORE, issued 1961
A5A1 home Store
1. cream building with light green roof

Variation descriptions Lesney's Matchbox® Toys, Regular Wheel Years, 1947–1969, © 1992, & Encyclopedia of Matchbox® Toys, © 1997, 1999 [2nd Ed.], by Charlie Mack, reprinted with permission

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