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(NONE of these cars are for sale).

Introduced in 1960, Kings replaced Major Packs which were slowly phased out & some were merged into the King-Size range.  Kings are not my collecting focus, so I will not have complete listings or images.
K2A3, Kingsize Muir Hill Dumper
K2A, Kingsize Muir Hill Dumper, 1960
3. red body & dump, with green wheels and black tires

K2B, K.W. Dump Truck
K2B, K.W. Dump Truck, 1964
1. yellow body & dump, red wheels & black tires

K5B Racing Car Transporter
K5B Racing Car Transporter, 1967 (cf. M6B)
1. green body, red wheels, black tires

K7B Refuse Truck, 1967
K7B Refuse Truck, 1967
1. red cab, all silver-gray tipper, red wheels & black tires

k8a2 Prime Mover, Trailer & Tractor
K8A Prime Mover & Trailer, 1962

2. orange mover & trailer, silver metal wheels, tractor with orange plastic rollers

k8b5 Guy Warrier Car Transporter
K8B Guy Warrier Car Transporter, 1967
5. Yellow with black plastic tires

K13A2 Redimix Concrete Truck
K13A2 Redimix Concrete Truck, 1963
2. green body, red plastic wheels & "Redimix" labels

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