Frank's Matchbox Links updated 8/21/08

I sorted the links somewhat based on the amount of Matchbox regular wheel content / links that have been broken for some time were deleted updated 12/23/06 & 1/25/08

Charlie Mack – ask anything that pertains to Matchbox and get an answer.

The Matchbox Community Hall

Moko Lesney Matchbox updated 12/28/09

Ethan's (formerly George, the Virtual Collector) [George, the Virtual Collector, ceased to maintain his pages and I accepted his kind offer to provide a home for information from his orphaned pages new 6/20/99]

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear history by Kurt Ristniemi new 7/20/07

Matchbox Memories new 8/19/05

Nick & Debbie's Matchbox Toy Collection updated 12/23/06

Shabir Malik's pages

Michael Röehr

Frank Sygusch's PhotoPoint site

Christian Falkensteiner

Mark Robbins

areh's Matchbox Picture Dictionary

Staffan Kjellin updated 12/23/06 link appears broken 7/5/10

AuToos International new 9/2/97

Hal Harrison [links appears broken 1/25/08]

Rob Hasard's Superfast Homepage new 9/21/97

Thomas Matchbox Page new 12/17/05 link appears broken 7/5/10

Pewter Software – Matchbox Manager new 12/17/05

The Matchbox Jeep Story new 12/17/05 link appears broken 7/5/10

Stannard Collectors Catalogue link appears broken 7/5/10

Vintage Matchbox and Corgi for Sale new 8/4/02


Matchbox, Hot Wheels, & Die-Cast Cars new 11/4/00


Matt Fogarty's Webpage new 3/8/01 link appears broken 7/5/10

Diecast Collector Magazine UK new 3/8/01 updated 8/21/08

Mark's Toy Box new 3/7/01 9/3/02

Matchbox Toys for Sale

Race Car Toys & Automobilia updated 5/30/09

Stingray's Hidaway Toy Museum, Matchbox new 7/3/98 updated 7/5/10

Ken Stutt

Peter Seaman updated 7/17/99 link appears broken 7/5/10

Ralph-Egbert Richter Klinter Kirchweg

Dinky Collection

Mike's Web Site – The Model Bus Page new 2/25/98 updated 12/23/06

Carl's Cars new 5/8/05

The Arevalo Family Diecast Toy Collection Gallery new 9/1/00 link appears broken 7/5/10

Die Cast Pro updated 2/7/99

Bill & Jeff's Web Page link appears broken 7/5/10

Toybox new 12/30/97

The Breithaupt Miniature Motorcar Collection

Malcolm Brooks updated 12/23/06

Tony Howden the Eclectic Collector new 11/28/98 updated 1/20/00 link appears broken 7/5/10

Holger's MATCHBOX-Info new 12/16/99 updated 2/14/05 [link appears broken 8/21/08]

Toy Car Collector

Dan's Matchbox Picture Pages  new 12/12/99 updated 7/5/10

Advertising Specialties and Premiums (ASAP) [what Mattel did with Charlie Mack's domain name]

James Frazier just launched a new web site for matchbox collectors new 2/12/07

George T. Marshall "Matchbox Models" Perth. Western Australia new 2/12/07

UK Matchbox Superfast 1-75 Miniatures from 1969 to date new 2/12/07 link appears broken 7/5/10