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[information on past auctions generally left until new information is available]

BEWARE inflated eBay feedback !!! the seller in an auction for which I was not high bidder offered to "trade" positive feedback, explaining "I am building a reputation as a honest and friendly seller. If you would like to exchange positive feedbacks I would be happy to return the favor. Don't put in the item number though, it sometimes won't take." new 1/15/00

AUCTION WARNING: two very reliable sources told me a significant number of questionable & verified outright "bogus" pieces have & are passing through one of the "major" auction houses conducting regular scheduled in-person auctions, & the house failed to stand behind one bogus piece when the buyer sought to return it. new 11/26/98

AUCTION WARNING: several sources told me a seller on one of the "largest" on-line web auction sites is shill bidding (using another ID to bid up prices on his own auctions).  Reportedly he contacted the losing bidder to try & sell him the identical rare piece which his brother-in-law just happened to also have after the seller pushed it too far & ended up "buying" his own piece. new 11/26/98

CAVEAT new 1/1/99 A.I.M. newsletter, Vol. XXIX No. 8, January 1999, page 1, reports on a number of "scams" to be aware of on the internet [these apply to all dealings other than in person as well]:

  1. buy a terrific mint piece, get it, return a "sandbox" model, complain & demand a refund
  2. order something & claim you never got it
  3. tell the seller only part of your order was in the box & demand they send the rest
  4. put a reserve high enough to insure really high bids

[and, "pad" the shipping charge for extra profit. FCC]

Locally known & international auctioneers of Matchbox

Diecast Toy Exchange new 7/18/98

Vectis Auctions Ltd <> updated 5/9/98

Lloyd Ralston Galleries, Inc.

Special Auction Services, based near Reading, Berkshire, UK new 4/2/09

Phillips International Auctioneers & Valuers

On-Line Auctions

eBay on line auction 1/6/98 updated 1/6/99

Lesney auction site new 2/22/10

Mobilia Toy And Model Supermarket new 3/14/00

Up4sale On-line Auction new 7/29/98 purchased by eBay in 1998, "closed" updated 4/17/00

Auction Universe [a Times Mirror Company] new 7/18/98

Antiques & Collectibles Online Auction

Fainco Global internet Auction

On-line flea markets & malls:

Matchbox classified new 12/31/97

Toymart Pavilion new 12/13/97


Pretty Good Toys new 12/13/97

International Model Collectors new 9/2/97

Joyce's General Store new 6/21/97

Carter's Collectibles new 8/10/97