Dealers updated 4/7/10

knowledgeable persons active in Matchbox collecting a substantial time have sent me models incorrectly described as "mint" but with significant flaws (e.g., chips or touched up paint). This highlights the difficulty in obtaining really mint pieces, and the need to carefully inspect purchases.

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The Bay Area Matchbox Collectors' Association (BAMCA) updated 12/23/06

Sabbir Malik new 7/19/98

dealers with a web site [that I have dealt with]

Toy Boy <> new 9/14/97 updated 11/3/08

Dave Williamson – <>

Carr Collectibles ("Authorized Matchbox Collectibles Center") new 5/4/00

Trevor Bannisterupdated 12/23/06

John Moore

Neil's Wheels

Remember When Collectibles new 7/13/2002

Harold's Place new 8/6/01 updated 2/19/05

Reeded Edge

dealers without a web site [that I have dealt with]

Dan Wells Antique Toys

Steve Mullican

Philip Bowdidge

"Two Crazy Collectors"

James Gallegos

Rit's Cars

Dorotea's Corner

Lt.Col. James Smith

John Aldrich new 7/28/04

The Gals new 7/28/04

dealers with web sites [that I have not dealt with]

there is no strict order to the following list, but I try to put sources with significant regular wheel content towards the top

Shabir Malik's "spare" page updated 9/9/03

Lewis Miller's battlekingsLewis Miller updated 4/17/01

Hardy Ristau updated 6/25/08

Carsten Oettler new 6/25/08

Ross Frank

Dave "Squid" Lagerquist

Bill Jackameit Diecast Toys new 10/15/97

AuTous International new 7/28/04

Sven Schutte new 7/28/04

123 Studio Toybox Collectibles (fka DP's Studio Collectibles) new 11/2/08

Don Hutchison [link appears broken 12/23/06]

Matchbox Toys For Sale

Great Finds Antiques & Collectibles! new 4/9/98

Me, Mom & Matchbox

Ron Calcott new 6/14/99

Abbey Models, Nick Powner new 5/25/97 updated 12/23/06

Marchbox Cars for Sale new 2/18/08

TMC Market (Toy & Model Collectors) new 4/24/99

Past-Time Hobbies new 10/31/98 updated 12/23/06

Michael Bowen Collectors Toys new 3/26/98 updated 12/23/06

Canterbury Collectibles updated 12/23/06

The Old Tin Toy Shop

Dealers with e-mail but no web site [that I have not dealt with]

Jeff Mantyak

Alexander Gerchikov

Aldrich-Svadeba Toy Co.

Dealers not on the Web [that I have not dealt with]

Bill Vuiller & Phyllis Knoll

The Chester Toy Museum & Collectors Shop new7/26/98

Barker's Collectible Toys

Louise E. Eill new 3/28/98

Cooper Toys new 3/27/98

David Phillipo new 3/27/98

Carl Gurley new 2/18/98

Bud's H.O. Cars, Inc. new 6/14/99

Bob & Joan Hickey new 6/14/99

Frank Jones new 2/15/97

Hawk's Nest, R. Hawkins & Son

Tiny Toy Collectibles updated 1/30/04

Caney Fork Hobbies

Bam Hobbies

Sonny's Toys & Collectibles

Craig & Linda Hill's Collector's Toys

White Rose Collectibles

Steve Lewis

Euro Antique Toy Co.

Charles & Sons Ltd. Collectibles

Robert Goforth

H & M Toy Co.

Dennis J. McCarthy

Runabout Inc.

Mike Silver