Frank's want list updated 5/16/00

I am looking to buy MINT (never played with, no nicks or chips, scratches, box rubs, marks, factory or other flaws, tire wear, etc. – GRADE STRICTLY) of ONLY the VERY SPECIFIC VARIATIONS of Lesney Matchbox regular wheels listed below. (I may consider VERY near mint – e.g. a "nick", TINY paint chip or box rub). I prefer original boxes, but that is not absolutely mandatory. I also sometimes purchase other mint (& sometimes non-mint) Matchbox regular wheels than on this list (& early Lesney toys), or even other toys, depending on what the piece is and the price.

Model numbers at left are per Charlie Mack's "Regular Wheels – 1947-1969" [except items in teal color & italic font, which are from his revised listing in the "Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys"]; (1st number is the model number within the 1-75 set; capital letter is series of model to occupy a particular number of the 1-75 as a new model replaced a prior release, e.g., A=1st model with that series number, B=2nd, etc.; the last number is the variation number, within a particular model signifying a "major" difference such as color, wheel, etc.) See the page setting out all variations in Charlie Mack's system

"mw"=metal wheels; "bpw"=black plastic wheels; "gpw"=gray plastic wheels; "spw"=silver plastic wheels; "bpt"=black plastic tires; "gpt"=gray plastic tires; "TP"=twin pack; numbers within the description itself (e.g., "1 1/4 ") are length of model in inches

List of cars wanted: