Regular Wheels 10-19

updated 5/3/06
[NONE of these cars are for sale].

10A MECHANICAL HORSE & TRAILER, issued 1955, 2 3/8"
10A1 Mechanical Horse and Trailer
1. red cab, gray trailer, metal wheels

10B MECHANICAL HORSE & TRAILER, issued 1958, 2 15/16"
10B1 mechanical Horse and Trailer
1. red cab, light tan trailer, metal wheels
10A2 mechanical Horse and Trailer
2. red cab, dark tan trailer, gray plastic wheels

10C1 Sugar Container Truck
10C1 Sugar Container Truck crown decal on rear
1. dark blue body, crown decal on rear, gray plastic wheels

10C1 Sugar Container Truck no crown decal on rear
2. dark blue body, no crown decal on rear. gray plastic wheels

10D PIPE TRUCK, Issued 1966
10D Pipe Truck
1. red body, gray pipes. black plastic wheels, silver grille

11A ROAD TANKER, issued 1955, 2"
11A1 Road Roller
1. green body, metal wheels
11A3 Road Tanker
3. yellow body, metal wheels

11A4 Road Roller
4. red body, metal wheels, small "Esso" decal at rear

11B ROAD TANKER, issued 1958, 2 ½"
11B2 Road Tanker
11B2 Road Roller
2. red body, "Esso" decals, silver trim, metal wheels

11B3 Road Roller
3. red body, "Esso" decals, gray plastic wheels

11C JUMBO CRANE, issued 1965
11C1 Jumbo Crane
1. yellow body, yellow weight box

11D SCAFFOLD TRUCK, issued 1969
11D1 Scaffold Truck
1. silver-gray body, yellow scaffolding

12A LAND ROVER, issued 1955, 1 3/4 "
12A1 Land Rover
1. olive green body

12B LAND ROVER, issued 1959, 2 1/2"
12B2 Land Rover
2. olive green body, black plastic wheels

12C SAFARI LAND ROVER, issued 1965
12C1 Safari Land Rover
1. green body, brown luggage

12C3 Safari Land Rover
3. blue body, tan luggage

13A BEDFORD WRECK TRUCK, issued 1955, 2"
13A1 Bedford Wreck Truck
1. tan body, red boom, metal wheels, no number cast

13B BEDFORD WRECK TRUCK, issued 1958, 2 1/8"
13B1 Bedford Wreck Truck
1. tan body, red boom, no. 13 cast, metal wheels

13C THAMES WRECK TRUCK, issued 1961
13C1 Thames Wreck Truck
1. red body, red metal hook, gray plastic wheels

13D DODGE WRECK TRUCK, issued 1965
13D4 Dodge Wreck Truck
4. yellow cab, green body, red hook, labels

14A DAIMLER AMBULANCE, issued 1956
14A1 Daimler Ambulance
1. cream body, with red cross decal on roof, metal wheels

14B DAIMLER AMBULANCE, issued 1958
14B1 Daimler Ambulance
1. cream body, metal wheels

14C BEDFORD AMBULANCE, issued 1962
14C3 Bedford Ambulance
3. white body, black plastic wheels

14D ISO GRIFO, issued 1968
14D1 Iso Grifo
1. dark blue body, bpt

15A PRIME MOVER, issued 1956
15A1 Prime Mover
1. yellow body, metal wheels
15A2 Atlantic Prime Mover
2. orange body, metal wheels
15A Prime Mover
15A Prime Mover
3. orange body, 10 gray plastic wheels

15B2 Atlantic Prime Mover
2. orange body, black plastic wheels

15C REFUSE TRUCK, Issued 1963
15C2 Refuse Truck
2. dark blue body, gray dump, decals

15D VOLKSWAGEN 1500 SALOON, issued 1968
15D1 Volkswagon 1500 Saloon
1. off white body, "137" decals on doors

16A ATLANTIC TRAILER, issued 1956, 3 1/8"
16A1 Atlantic Trailer
1. tan body, metal wheels

16B ATLANTIC TRAILER, issued 1957, 3  1/4"

16B5 Atlantic Trailer
5. orange body, orange towbar, black plastic wheels

16C2 Scammell Mountaineer Snowpolw
2. gray cab, orange dump,orange decal, black plastic wheels

16D CASE BULLDOZER, issued 1969
16D1 Case Bulldozer
1/2/3(?) red/bright red/dark red body, yellow blade, green treads
16D4 Case Buldozer
4. olive green body, black blade, black treads, (TP)

17A1 Removals Van
1. maroon body, gold trim, metal wheels, no number cast
17A3 Removals Van
3. blue body, metal wheels, no number cast
17A4 Bedford Removals Van
4. green body, metal wheels, no number cast, solid lettered decals
17A5 Removals Van
5. light green body, gray plastic wheels, outlined decals, no number cast


17B4 Removals Van
4. dark green body, gray plastic wheels, outlined decals no. 17 cast

17C AUSTIN TAXI CAB, issued 1960
17C1 Austin Taxi Cab
1. maroon body, light gray interior & base, gray plastic wheels

17D2 Hoveringham Tipper
2. red cab, orange tipper, red baseplate

17E HORSE BOX, issued 1969
17E1 Horse Box
1. red cab, green plastic box, black plastic wheels

18A CATERPILLAR BULLDOZER, issued 1956, 1 7/8"
18A1 Caterillar Bulldozer
1. yellow body, red blade

18B CATERPILLAR BULLDOZER, issued 1958, 2"
18B1 Caterpillar Bulldozer
1. yellow body & blade

18D BULLDOZER, issued 1964, 2 3/8"
18D2 Bulldozer
2. yellow body & blade, bp rollers

18E FIELD CAR, issued 1969
18E3 Field Car
3. yellow body, tan roof, unpainted base, red wheels

19A MG SPORTS CAR, issued 1956, 2"
19A1 MG Sports Car
1. cream body, metal wheels

19B MGA SPORTS CAR, issued 1958, 2 1/4"
19B2 MGA Sports Car
2. white body, metal wheels, silver grille

19C4 Aston Martin Racing Car
4. metalic green body, gray driver, # 19 decal

19D LOTUS RACING CAR, issued 1966
19D2 Lotus Racing Car
1. orange body, bpt, decals

19D3 Lotus Racing Car
3. green body, bpt, decals

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