YesterYears, Series 1 & part of Series 2

updated 8/20/05
[NONE of these cars are for sale].

Y1A 1925 Allchin Traction Engine, Issued 1956
Y1A2 1925 Allchin Traction Engine
Y1A4 1925 Allchin Traction Engine
2. green body, diagonal unpainted treads, copper boiler door
[treads slant opposite direction on 1 and same direction on both wheels on the other]

Y2A 1911 type 'B' London Bus, Issued 1956
yy2a3.jpg (63kb)
3. red body, nainted wheels. blue driver, 8 over 4 side windows

Y3A 1907 London 'E' Class Tramcar, Issued 1956
yy3a2.jpg (61kb)
2. red body, cream roof, gray metal wheels. "News of the World" decals

Y4A Sentinel Steam Wagon, Issued 1956
yy4a1.jpg (41kb)
1. blue body, unpainted metal wheels

Y4B Shand mason Horse Drawn Fire Engine, Issued 1960
yy4b2.jpg (46kb)
2. red body, white horses, "Kent" decals. gold boiler [note black firemen, 1 missing]

yy4b2_2.jpg (47kb)
2. red body, white horses, "Kent" decals. gold boiler
[note red firemen]

Y5A 1929 Lemans Bentley, Issued 1958
yy5a4.jpg (34kb)
4. green body, gold radiatior. green grill, green tonneau, silver steering wheel

Y6A 1916 AEC "Y" Type Lorry, Issued 1957
yy6a1.jpg (38kb)
1. light gray body, metal wheels

Y6B 1926 type 35 Bugatti, Issued 1961
yy6b2.jpg (36kb)

2. blue body, red dash & floor, black plastic tires, "6" decal

Y7A 1914 7-ton Leyland Van, Issued 1957
yy7a3.jpg (53kb)
3. dark red-brown body, cream roof, metal wheels, full text decal [includes middle line]

Y7B 1913 Mercedes Raceabout, Issued 1961 yy7b2.jpg (39kb)
2. lilac body & grill, black plastic tires

Y8A 1926 Morris Cowley "Bullnose", Issued 1958 yy8a2.jpg (35kb)
2. light tan body, brown base unpainted wheels

Y9A fowler Showman's Engine, Issued 1958 Y9A fowler Showman's Engine
1. dark maroon body, cream roof, copper boiler, fold roof supports, cream roof spreaders, black base insert

Y10A 1908 Grand Prix Mercedes, Issued 1958
yy10a6.jpg (35kb)
6. cream body, dark green seats, no trim color [lighter green seats]

yy10a6_2.jpg (35kb)
6. cream body, dark green seats, no trim color [darker green seats]

Y11A 1920 Aveling Porter Steam Roller, Issued 1958
yy11a6.jpg (47kb)
6. green body, green roof supports, gloss black flywheel

Y12A 1899 London Horse Drawn Bus, Issued 1959 yy12a2.jpg (56kb)
2. red body, beige driver & seats, dark brown horses

Y13A 1868 Sata Fe Locomotive, Issued 1959
yy13a1.jpg (41kb)
1. light green body, maroon engine

Y14A 1903 Duke of Connaught, Issued 1959
yy14a1.jpg (34kb)

1. green body, brown frame, gold boiler door

Y15A 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, Issued 1960
yy15a4.jpg (47kb)
4. silver-green body, black seats, black plastic ires, unplated wheels

Y16A 1904 Spyker, Issued 1961
yy16a4.jpg (45kb)
4. light yellow body& fenders, black plastic tires

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