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The Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 Series 1953 - 1969 by John Houghton, "an exhaustive identification guide depicting extensive detail and variations of every model produced in the “Regular Wheels” series, from the start in 1953 until superseded by ‘Superfast” wheels in 1970. ... The guide consists of over 190 pages crammed full of information and colour photographs. There are colour photographs of all of the 235 models produced from 1953 to 1969. ... it shows 2353 variations (over 400 more than has ever been published before), including castings, wheels, axles, decals and colours. It even shows all of the box styles made for each model along with a photograph of each one. new 12/28/09

Warman's Matchbox Field Guide: Values and Identification by Tom Larson, published July 2008 .ISBN-13: 9780896896673. "Compact and organized, with listings for a variety of cars … price listings for each car, collector advice, and contact information for hundreds of groups and associations". new 5/30/09

John Nijhuis has once again produced a 2006 Matchbox Forum CD ROM, available to members only, containing all the information published over the last 8 years by:

To order the CD-ROM, make a check of US$14.00 payable to "Matchbox Forum" and mail it to Club Treasurer, Scott Firmender, 16 Centennial Drive, Milford, CT 06460. If you want to secure a CD please contact one of the following persons:

Charlie Mack's new "Superfast / Miniatures" book should be going to the publisher by the end of November (1969-2004). There are over 7,000 photos and it is being issued in 3 volumes. Christian Falkensteiner has a special section with a chart of models from 1998 to current with cross references to issue number for that year to original issue number with notations on frame numbers with a separate frame number and baseplate name list. no publishing date is set yet but could be late spring or early summer. [information from Charlie's editorial page in the November 2004 Matchbox USA newsletter] new 12/12/04

Geoffrey Leake has issued the 4th edition (September 2004) of "The Concise Catalogue of 75 Series Matchbox Toys by Lesney", ISBN 0 9507616 2 1. All the '75s' from 1953 to 1982, including details of the models made in England during the 3 years after Lesney went out of business and before all "Matchbox" production was moved to the Far East. The material is presented in tabulated listing of the models broken down by color and other significant variations, decorations, casting changes, etc. The material for the most part is the same as prior editions, with a revised layout that is clearer and easier to follow, and the break between "regular" and Superfast models more clearly acknowledged. 100 pages of text and 40 pages of photos, with over 500 photos of 1,400 models including almost all the major variations and "[j]ust a handful of the scarcest colour variations were not available for photography" [Geoffrey]. The book also covers in detail all of the Lesney-labeled buses, box types, pocket catalogues, Accessory, Major Packs and Long Haul. Price £32.50.

Stannard Collectors Catalogue has been called the "Bible to Matchbox", & contains castings and color variations for hundreds of models that Matchbox® produced. The copyright holder will be publishing the book in limited 1,000 lot run at $99.99. <> new 5/22/02

Charlie Mack's "The Encyclopedia of Matchbox® Toys" includes information already in his earlier books on regular wheels, Superfast and Universal years, but also models on into the 1990's, including super rigs, Dinky, fire, muscle car, and other recent series, as well as information on history, boxes, accessories, gift sets, non-car products (e.g., Pee Wee Herman dolls), and an updated price guide. The photographs are much larger and better than the ones in the earlier series book, and although it does not show as many of the variations, it does have a good separate section on rare models. There are several series such as the fire engines and muscle cars where there are some gaps in the photographs included, presumably due to lack of availability at press time. I consider this book a "must have" for collectors even if you have the others. 2nd edition was issued August 1999, and the 3rd edition in 2002.

See also Charlie's earlier books, each on a different period: regular wheels, Superfast. Universal and Tyco, as noted above, more but smaller photos and different variations.

"John Ramsay's "British Diecast, Model Toys Catalogue", Swapmeet Publications © 1995. This book has some good history (usually brief) of various British die cast companies, variations, price guides and auction prices, and advertising of dealers who sell various models. Seems to be updated every two years. new 2/7/98

"The Yesteryear Book 1956 to 1996", compiled by Kevin McGimpsey and Stewart Orr, produced by M.I.C.A. and published by Major Productions, Inc., 1996 [updated editions available], is an excellent reference to the yesteryear series through the years. Included are history and other information and for each model a photograph, original cost (in pounds sterling), specific information as to the model, chart of variations with value, and notes on casting and other variations. new 5/4/98

Nigel Cooper has a set of diskettes with a listing of Matchbox Superfast variations available for sale.  [see my dealer page for contact information]

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