30A Ford Perfect updated 6/20/99

Information prepared by Ethan Enzer as it appeared on George, the Virtual Collector's pages [with slight modification]

30-A Ford Prefect

The 30-A Ford Prefect was released in 1957 and is the first Matchbox with the complete model description on the base-plate. The first common color was the light grey-brown with either metal or grey plastic wheels. The trim initially was applied by hand and later with mask-spraying after the toy was assembled. The rare blue version came late in the production of the model (Charlie Mack's book has it reversed), probably when the factory ran out of the paint. The blue model has the silver trim applied by mask-spraying and on the rear bumper in two sections so to avoid spraying the tow-hook. Charlie Mack's book has the 30A1 listed with metal wheels that would fit nicely with the assumption that the blue one was produced first in 1957, however, no such model exists.

Once [Ethan] saw a "doctored" blue 30-A-2 for sale that had the tow-hook broken off and the silver trim neatly re-applied all along the rear bumper after the broken base-plate was neatly filed flush! The fellow who "helped" the model had done a beautiful restoration job but knew little about Matchbox. Buyer (and forger) beware!

Dublo Ford Prefect & Matchbox 30-A-3 and A-4
Dublo Ford Prefect (far left, 1958- 60) & Matchbox 30A3 (1957) & 30A4 (with metal and gray plastic wheels), & rare blue 30A2 (right).  The Dublo Prefect is a much coarser casting. [photo from John Dean's collection]


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