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Variation descriptions Lesney's Matchbox® Toys, Regular Wheel Years, 1947–1969, © 1992, & Encyclopedia of Matchbox® Toys, © 1997, 1999 [2nd Ed.], by Charlie Mack, reprinted with permission

This is an abbreviated list of the models only, without the variations (e.g. different colors etc.). For a complete list of the series and variations see RW variation list. For photos of my childhood (and later additions) Matchbox collection see various image pages from the menu above.

BAMCA Interactive Matchbox Lineup

Classification systems

There are a number of  classification systems to identify the various products made by Matchbox [e.g., Charlie Mack, Michael Stannard, (which has (more) casting variations, wheel types (fine, knobbly), etc.)].

Regular wheel series