regular wheels variations updated 5/1/98

See also the Code system developed to distinguish models made or approved by Matchbox (including varitaions described on this page) and those altered by third parties.

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regular wheel variations

The list below was prepared from Lesney's Matchbox Toys, Regular Wheel Years, 1947-1969 © 1992, and Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys © 1997, both by Charlie Mack, reprinted with permission. These books also include price guides [see my comments on valuation on my values page].

There are variations not included in this treatment (such as fine or knobby treads on tires, number of "bumps" representing treads, other casting differences than listed, etc.).

For a (shorter) list of the "series" only, without the variations, see the RW series list. For photos of my childhood and later additions) Matchbox collection see various image pages from the menu above.

Classification systems

There are a number of classification systems to identify the various products made by Matchbox [e.g., Charlie Mack, see below; Michael Stannard, (which has (more) casting variations, wheel types (fine, knobbly), etc.)].

[listings in teal color are from Charlie Mack's revised variation listing in the "Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys", © 1997, reprinted by permission] [notes in blue color are not Charlie's] 3/15/98

"mw"=metal wheels; "bpw"=black plastic wheels; "gpw"=gray plastic wheels; "spw"=silver plastic wheels; "bpt"=black plastic tires; "gpt"=gray plastic tires; "TP"=twin pack;