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I do NOT appraise or offer opinions as to the value of any specific model or variation, and you will have to determine that on your own. I do not respond to e-mail inquiries for values. The following information is provided to assist you in that endeavor. My book page has a fairly complete Matchbox literature bibliography with some price-guides. For general purposes, Charlie Mack's "Encyclopedia of Matchbox® Toys", updated with the 3rd edition in 2002, has fairly complete coverage of all Matchbox toys. On the web check Lewis Miller's website with "Charlie Mack approved" values.

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As indicated below, determining the "real" value of any particular model is difficult at best in most cases. Only if a model is fairly readily available and frequently sold (therefore determining price and value) can a current price be given with comfort. Some caveats are in order:

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determining value

elements that affect value

selling your cars

You first need to educate yourself as to what you have to offer for sale. It is difficult to determine what your cars should sell for or to communicate with potential buyers to determine interest and strike a deal otherwise. See notes above on value and condition, and my other pages on regular wheels series and variations listing, and book pages for starters, especially this value page on finding the appropriate price or a price guide, etc.

You next need to determine how much effort you want to go to. The best price is normally obtained by selling a collection item by item to the individuals who are looking for that specific item, but this obviously requires more effort and takes longer. Some "dealers" or "collectors" purchase entire collections, which is quickest and easiest. But, there is usually a substantial discount factored in for a "bulk" or "lot" purchase, as they are acquiring pieces they do not really want and will have to dispose of, or they intend to make a profit, so they pay less than the "going price" (again, see the discussion of value on this page). Generally you can obtain slightly better results if you trade for items they have as there is no cash outlay for them. I have even traded "on account" for future acquisitions from a dealer that I expect will eventually have items I want.

Possible sources to sell your cars are: